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UE Systems


Paperback Spiral Bound Book

$44.95 + Shipping

12 Chapters, 174 pages. Covers all the systems of the Beech 1900D Airliner. Color system schematics. Over 180 pictures and graphics to explain each system in detail. Written and edited by 1900D captains, instructors, and check airmen, UE Systems teaches the systems from a basic level, so even if you don’t already have some turbine time, you won’t be left behind.


UE Systems measures 6” x 9”, making it easy to carry with you on the road.

What’s Inside:

Chapter 1 – Foreward

Chapter 2 – 1900 Airliner (Aircraft General Information)

Chapter 3 – Engines

Chapter 4 – Annunciators

Chapter 5 – Flight Controls

Chapter 6 – Propellers

Chapter 7 – Electrical System

Chapter 8 – Landing Gear and Brakes

Chapter 9 – Environmental

Chapter 10 – Fuel

Chapter 11 – Ice Protection

Chapter 12 – Avionics

Chapter 13 – Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS)

Appendix A – Governors

Appendix B – Definitions

Appendix C – Abbreviations

Appendix D – Efficiency

1900d poster.jpg


$14.95 + Shipping

High quality graphic printed on 100# glossy paper suitable for framing. Also works great as a training aid and for reference. Measures 23” wide and 35” tall to make even the smallest switch label readable. This 1900D graphic is outfitted with TCAS, GPWS, and most optional equipment that can be factory installed in the 1900D.


Paper Poster and Paperback Spiral Bound Book

$57.90 + Shipping

Want a poster and a book? Click the Add to Cart button to order the cockpit poster and a book and save $2.00!

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